The Pros And Cons Of Starting An Ice Skating Rink


• Ice skating is an enjoyable activity that can provide entertainment for all ages.

• It can be a great place for people to gather, socialize and make new friends.

• Ice skating rinks offer a variety of activities such as private lessons, group classes and public skating sessions.

• Starting an ice skating rink can be a great way to make additional income from hosting competitions and birthday parties.

• It can also be used as a venue for corporate events or team building activities.


• Starting an ice skating rink requires a large initial investment.

• Safety is a major concern, as there can be potential for injuries due to falls and collisions on the ice.

• The business requires ongoing maintenance to keep the ice in good condition and all equipment properly functioning.

• Ice skating rinks must adhere to local regulations regarding safety, permits, staffing and other requirements.

• Weather can also be an issue, as outdoor rinks may need to close due to extreme cold and indoor rinks may need to close due to warmer temperatures.

• There is also the risk of slow seasons when there are fewer customers visiting the rink.