Pros And Cons Of Starting An Ice Skating Rink


-A high earning potential with a relatively low start up cost.

-The skating rink can be designed to accommodate all ages, from beginners to professional skaters.

-The business has the potential to generate revenue year round due to ice hockey leagues and figure skating classes.

-Ice skating is a great form of exercise, making it attractive for individuals looking for an enjoyable activity that can help them stay in shape.

-It is a social activity that brings people together, creating the potential for developing relationships with customers.


-The cost of maintaining the ice rink and the associated equipment can be expensive.

-Weather conditions can greatly affect business as warm temperatures make it difficult to keep the rink frozen.

-The ice skating industry is highly competitive, making it difficult for new businesses to gain a foothold in the market.

-It requires staffing at all times with employees who are knowledgeable about proper ice skating techniques.

-The business is dependent on the local population to generate revenue and could suffer if the demographics of the area change over time.