Checklist For Starting An Ice Sculpture Business

1. Decide on the type of sculptures to create – Consider what types of ice sculptures customers may be interested in, such as wedding or birthday cakes, figures, characters and even logos.

2. Purchase the necessary supplies – Buy quality tools, clear blocks of ice and food-grade dyes.

3. Create a portfolio of designs – Put together photos and descriptions for potential customers to browse and choose from.

4. Make connections in the industry – Network with local caterers, event planners, bowling alleys and skating rinks to get your name out in the industry.

5. Obtain the legal requirements – Apply for a business license and make sure all necessary paperwork is filled out correctly.

6. Set up a website – Create an attractive site that clearly displays your services and portfolio of ice sculptures.

7. Promote your business – Advertise in local media outlets, like newspapers and magazines, or create social media accounts to share your work.

8. Create an emergency plan – Plan ahead for what to do if your ice sculptures start to melt or you need a backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances.