Checklist For Starting An Ice Skating Rink

1. Identify Potential Location – Choosing the right location is essential when starting any business, and especially important when considering a skating rink. Consider factors such as population density, competition, available resources and accessibility to your target customers.

2. Evaluate Your Finances – Operating a skating rink comes with considerable costs and requires upfront capital. Estimate your fixed, variable and operational costs to decide on the size of your rink and other elements of the business.

3. Develop a Business Plan – Outline all aspects of the business such as start-up costs, market analysis, operating budget, financial projections and marketing strategy. This will help you secure investment and plan for success.

4. Purchase Equipment – Invest in essential skating rink essentials such as skates, safety barriers, audio equipment and skate sharpening tools. Establish relationships with vendors to get the best prices on your desired items.

5. Design Your Space – Choose a design that compliments the size of your rink, the type of skating activities taking place and the budget you have available.

6. Promote Your Business – Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes digital, print and television campaigns, as well as in-store promotions. You can also consider hosting special events to attract customers and build loyalty.

7. Hire Staff – Recruit and train employees for a variety of roles including rink attendants, skate sharpeners, DJs and customer service representatives.