Checklist For Starting An Illustration Business

1. Establish a budget – How much money do you have to devote to starting your business? What is your timeline for launching?

2. Set up shop – Determine what software, hardware and other supplies you’ll need in order to get started.

3. Choose a style – Choose the type of illustrations you’d like to create and stick to it.

4. Get organized – Establish an accounting system, buy business insurance, and get your taxes in order.

5. Reach out to customers – Register with freelance job boards and promote your services on social media platforms.

6. Consider joining an organization – Joining a professional illustration association can provide you with networking opportunities and resources.

7. Build your portfolio – Collect samples of the work you’ve done and develop a website to showcase your skills.

8. Determine pricing – Research what other illustrators are charging and set competitive rates for your services.

9. Set up contracts – Create a contract that outlines all the details of each project you take on.

10. Celebrate success – Congratulate yourself for taking the leap and starting this business!