The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Custom Treehouse Business


– A custom treehouse business provides an opportunity to make money with creative design and construction.

– Treehouses can be built from natural materials or from pre-fabricated kits, allowing the builder to work within their budget and time constraints.

-Treehouse building is a growing industry, so there is potential for growth and expansion.

-Custom treehouses can be sold to individuals or businesses looking for unique structures to set their property apart from others.


– Building custom treehouses requires a significant investment in time and materials.

– Finding reliable customers can be difficult and the costs of marketing can quickly add up.

– Treehouses require special permits which may restrict building in certain areas or create additional costs for permitting.

– Building custom treehouses requires a high level of skill and knowledge, making it necessary to hire experienced workers.

– The potential liability associated with construction projects must also be taken into consideration.

-Custom treehouses require regular maintenance and repair, which can be costly and time consuming.