The Main Ingredient Of These Delicious Dishes: Sbrinz (AOC, Central Switzerland)

1. Swiss Fondue with Sbrinz: A classic dish that you can’t go wrong with, this indulgent fondue is made with melted Sbrinz cheese and white wine. Serve it with a selection of vegetables, boiled potatoes and crusty bread for dipping.

2. Sbrinz Rösti: Shredded potatoes are pan-fried to golden perfection then topped with melted Sbrinz cheese for an ultra-satisfying side dish. Serve it alongside grilled meats or enjoy it as a main meal.

3. Sbrinz-Stuffed Mushrooms: Full of flavor, these stuffed mushrooms are sure to delight! They’re filled with a mixture of Sbrinz cheese, shallots and herbs, then baked until perfectly golden and gooey.

4. Swiss Macaroni & Cheese with Sbrinz: This creamy macaroni & cheese is made with Sbrinz cheese and Alpine milk for a delicious dish that kids and adults alike will love.

5. Swiss Potato Gratin with Sbrinz: Thinly sliced potatoes are layered in a gratin dish, then topped with melted Sbrinz cheese, cream and a hint of nutmeg. Bake until the potatoes are tender and the top is golden brown.