The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Turnip Greens

Turnip greens can make a dish extraordinary, adding texture and flavor to any meal. Here are five dishes where turnip greens take center stage.

1. Southern-Style Turnip Greens with Bacon: This classic southern side dish features slow cooked turnip greens in a flavorful broth made with bacon, garlic and onion. The greens are cooked until tender and infused with the smoky flavor of bacon for an added layer of complexity.

2. Creamy Turnip Greens Soup: This comforting soup combines turnip greens, potatoes, celery and carrots in a creamy base that is sure to warm you up. The soup is finished off with a hint of nutmeg for an extra special touch.

3. Turnip Greens Quiche: This delicious quiche packs in all the flavor of turnip greens, combined with eggs, cream and cheese. It’s perfect for breakfast or brunch!

4. Baked Turnip Greens Casserole: This savory casserole features turnip greens, onion, garlic and cheese baked in a creamy sauce. The flavors of the vegetables meld together to make an irresistible dish.

5. Turnip Greens Pesto: Turnip greens make a surprisingly delicious pesto when combined with Parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil and nuts. This bright green pesto can be used as a topping for pasta or served with crostini as an appetizer.