Start Your Hand Sanitizer Business: A Comprehensive Checklist

1. Research the market: Research the current hand sanitizer industry, explore customer needs and preferences, and identify any gaps in the market that your business could fill.

2. Create a business plan: Outline your vision for the business, including your long-term goals and financial projections.

3. Get financing: Determine the capital you will need to launch the business and secure necessary funding.

4. Set up operations: Obtain any needed licenses or permits, find a suitable location for your business, hire staff if necessary, and purchase necessary equipment and supplies.

5. Source raw materials and supplies: Find a reliable supplier of the necessary ingredients, such as alcohol and glycerin, and other supplies to make your hand sanitizer products.

6. Create your product: Test different formulas to create the perfect hand sanitizer for your customers, taking into account desired scent, consistency, and price.

7. Develop a marketing plan: Establish an online presence for the business, create promotional materials, and decide on a pricing strategy.

8. Launch your business: Make sure all of the necessary steps have been taken to open your doors and make your hand sanitizer products available to customers.

9. Monitor your progress: Track customer feedback, sales figures, and other key metrics to ensure that the business is on track for success.

10. Keep learning: Stay abreast of new developments in the hand sanitizer industry to stay ahead of the competition and continue to identify opportunities for growth.