Pros And Cons Of Starting A Restaurant Supply Business


1. Low overhead costs relative to other business models.

2. Potential for high profits, as restaurant owners are willing to pay top dollar for quality supplies.

3. Less competition than many industries since the market is relatively small.

4. Ability to develop strong relationships with clients and vendors.

5. A relatively easy business to start, as it doesn’t require a large amount of capital or expertise.


1. Seasonal fluctuations in demand can make it difficult to maintain steady profits throughout the year.

2. High competition from larger suppliers and restaurants that purchase supplies in bulk.

3. Difficulty finding reliable vendors to supply the necessary products.

4. Can be difficult to establish a presence in unfamiliar markets outside of your local area.

5. Shipping costs can be high, especially for items with low profit margins.

6. Legal and regulatory issues related to food safety that must be adhered to.

7. Constant shift in trends and demand makes it hard to keep up with what customers are looking for.

8. Risk of customer dissatisfaction due to poor quality products or lack of knowledge.

9. Requirement to keep up with food safety regulations, which can be expensive and time consuming.

10. Difficulty in finding the right employees who have experience working in the restaurant supply business.