Pros And Cons Of Starting A Pure Barre Franchise


1. Low Initial Investment – Pure Barre requires very little upfront capital to get started, making it an attractive option for would-be entrepreneurs.

2. Proven Success – With more than 500 locations across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia, Pure Barre has a track record of success.

3. Extensive Support – From marketing materials to training and more, Pure Barre franchisees have access to an extensive support system for their businesses.

4. Fun Environment – With upbeat music and encouraging instructors, customers enjoy visiting Pure Barre studios, making repeat business a breeze.


1. Limited Expansion – Pure Barre franchises can only be opened in certain areas, making growth potential more limited than with other franchise opportunities.

2. Specialized Training – Potential franchisees must complete specialized training prior to opening and maintaining a successful Pure Barre studio.

3. Competition – While there is an existing market for Pure Barre, potential franchisees should be aware of the competition in their area before committing to a location.

4. Costly Equipment – Although the initial investment is relatively low, franchise owners must purchase specialized equipment such as reformers and wall systems.

5. Reputation – As with any business, maintaining a positive reputation is key to success. Pure Barre franchisees must be aware of the high standards set by the brand and strive to meet or exceed them.