Pros And Cons Of Starting A Land Surveying Business


– You can become your own boss, setting your own schedules and rates.

– You can specialize in a particular field of surveying that has the potential to be lucrative.

– No formal training or education is required to get started as a land surveyor.

– You can purchase and use the latest, most sophisticated surveying equipment.


– You will need to be licensed in order to practice land surveying.

– Expenses for starting a business can add up quickly; you may need to finance or lease equipment and vehicles, pay employees, and purchase insurance.

– You will need to be comfortable working outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions.

– Competition can be fierce, so you’ll have to differentiate yourself in order to stand out.

– It can take time for your business to become profitable; you may need to build up a client base and reputation before you start seeing a regular income.

– You may need to travel frequently in order to complete assignments.

– You will need to stay up to date on technological changes and advancements in the industry, as well as any local or state regulations that may affect your business.

– You’ll also be responsible for marketing and advertising your business in order to attract new clients.