Pros And Cons Of Starting A Lamaze Classes Business


– Helping mothers enjoy pregnancy by teaching them how to stay healthy, active, and relaxed during their pregnancy.

– Offering a unique service that is often not available in many areas.

– You can choose your own schedule and set your own rates.

– Low startup cost for the business, as you can use online tools and resources in order to create a website and promote your services.

– Opportunity to build relationships with mothers and new families that will last beyond their pregnancies.


– Requires specialized training and certification in order to teach Lamaze classes.

– Requires a lot of time and effort to market your services, build a client base and establish yourself in the community.

– You may need to invest in equipment such as yoga mats, exercise balls, etc., in order to teach Lamaze classes.

– You may need to spend money on liability insurance if you are running a business.

– There may be intense competition in the area, depending on how many other Lamaze classes businesses exist.