Starting A Lamaze Classes Business: A Checklist

1. Research the field of Lamaze classes and decide if it’s right for you.

2. Obtain specialized training and certification in Lamaze instruction.

3. Establish a business plan to determine objectives, client base and marketing strategies.

4. Secure funding for the business, if needed.

5. Decide on a location for classes and set up the appropriate infrastructure (e.g., chairs, mats etc.).

6. Develop an advertising plan, including research into local media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television to reach your target market of expectant parents.

7. Create a website to provide information about classes, contact details and online booking services.

8. Develop class outlines and materials such as handouts or worksheets, if needed.

9. Reach out to local hospitals, birthing centers and other healthcare providers in the area to let them know you offer Lamaze classes.

10. Get the word out about your services and classes through social media and other online channels.

11. Maintain records of students, class times, payments received and expenses incurred for tax purposes or to show investors or lenders financial information related to the business.

12. Strive to continuously improve your skills and knowledge in the field of Lamaze instruction, so as to remain up-to-date with any changes or new developments.

13. Stay organized and manage your time wisely to ensure that all aspects of running a Lamaze classes business are taken care of.

14. Set goals for yourself and your business, and work hard to achieve them.

15. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may be.

16. Remain positive and passionate about helping new parents prepare for childbirth by providing quality Lamaze instruction and support.