Pros And Cons Of Starting A Beer Garden


1. Increased foot traffic – A beer garden can be the perfect place to bring in more customers and create a lively atmosphere. Depending on location, size, and type of beer garden you could attract all types of people ranging from college students to young professionals.

2. Fun atmosphere – Beer gardens can be incredibly fun and social places to hang out with friends and family. People come to beer gardens for the chance to escape their daily lives, relax, and enjoy great food and drinks in a beautiful outdoor setting.

3. Profitable business – Beer gardens are highly profitable businesses that offer unique and enjoyable experiences to their customers. In addition, the combination of food, drinks, entertainment, and socializing draw people in from all over the area.


1. Expensive startup costs – Starting a beer garden requires considerable investments in equipment, staff training, marketing materials, licenses and permits, among other things. For many, the initial costs of starting a beer garden can be daunting.

2. Lack of control – When operating a beer garden, there is often a lack of customer control. This means that people may act in ways that are disruptive or dangerous to those around them, making it difficult for staff to manage the situation and keep everyone safe.

3. Limited hours – Beer gardens are most popular during the summer months, although they can be open year-round depending on location. This means that beer garden owners must plan accordingly to keep their business profitable during the slower winter months.