Checklist For Starting An Italian Ice Business

1. Research the market and local competitors to determine the best menu items, pricing strategy and ideal locations for your business.

2. Choose a legal structure for your business and register it with your state or local government if necessary.

3. Secure financing for the startup costs, including equipment, supplies and any necessary licenses.

4. Select a location for your business that meets all zoning and licensing requirements.

5. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses from your local government to operate the Italian Ice business in your area.

6. Purchase or lease the equipment you will need to make and serve Italian Ice.

7. Develop a menu of Italian Ice flavors and other items you will serve, including pricing for the items.

8. Market your business through ads, promotional materials, social media presence and more.

9. Recruit employees to help with production, service, sales and delivery of Italian Ice products.

10. Train employees on the production and service of Italian Ice products.