Checklist For Starting A Jam Business

1. Come up with an idea and determine your target audience.

2. Research the competition and market demand to choose the best product niche for your business.

3. Develop recipes that are unique, delicious, and can be produced in large batches.

4. Source suppliers of quality ingredients and materials.

5. Choose the right packaging for your product in order to preserve its flavor and shelf life.

6. Determine pricing points that will ensure you make a profit without pricing yourself out of the market.

7. Create a business plan, including budgets, timelines and projections on how you’ll reach your goals.

8. Get all the necessary licenses and permits to operate a food business in your area.

9. Invest in quality equipment that can handle high volumes of production.

10. Set up an online store or physical shopfront to sell your products.

11. Develop marketing strategies such as social media campaigns, direct mail, and in-store promotions.

12. Make sure you have enough staff to help with production, sales, and customer service needs.