Checklist For Starting An Irrigation Business

1. Research the Market – Understand the demographics and geographics of your target customer base to determine if there is a need for irrigation services in your area.

2. Create a Business Plan – Develop a comprehensive business plan with financial projections, marketing strategies, organizational structure and other components needed for a successful business launch.

3. Secure Financing – Research financial opportunities such as loans, grants and investors to cover start-up costs.

4. Obtain Business Licenses & Permits – Research local and state requirements for licensing and any necessary permits or certifications needed to legally operate an irrigation business in your area.

5. Purchase Equipment – Invest in the necessary tools and equipment for providing irrigation services such as sprinklers, hoses, pumps, controllers and other specialized items.

6. Market Your Business – Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to inform potential customers of your products and services.

7. Set Prices – Establish competitive prices that will allow you to remain profitable and attract customers.

8. Hire Employees – Identify competent personnel who can help manage the day-to-day operations of your business.