Checklist For Starting A Hipcamp Location

• Research local ordinances and land management guidelines in the area you’re interested in hosting.

• Ensure your land is suitable for camping, can accommodate the number of guests you intend on hosting, and meets all safety regulations.

• Create an account on Hipcamp and fill out the necessary forms to become a host.

• Acquire any needed permits or licenses related to camping, land management, etc.

• Set up your listing with all relevant information such as amenities, activities, rules, rates and availability.

• Take photos of your property that accurately reflect what your Hipcampers can expect during their stay.

• Spread the word on social media and other platforms to increase awareness of your Hipcamp listing.

• Prepare a welcoming environment for guests, including amenities such as campfire pits, seating areas, bathrooms/showers (if applicable), etc.

• Be prepared to answer any questions that potential guests may have.

• Monitor your calendar and be sure to adjust the availability of your Hipcamp listing as needed.

• Be sure to collect payment for your guests prior to their stay.

• Have a plan in place for managing campers during their stay and enforcing safety regulations.

• Be friendly and accommodating to guests while they’re on your property.

• Take proactive steps to ensure the safety of yourself, guests, and your property.

• After guests depart, take time to review their stay and make improvements as needed.

• Keep up with necessary maintenance on your property to ensure optimal condition for future guests.

• Regularly promote your Hipcamp listing and stay up-to-date on changes in the industry.

• Monitor reviews of your Hipcamp listing so that you can continuously improve upon your service.