The Ultimate Waterpark Checklist: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Adventure Park

• Research your potential audience and develop a plan for marketing your park.

• Determine the type of slides, pools, and attractions that will be available at the park.

• Establish safety protocols and hire qualified lifeguards, first-aid personnel, and other necessary staff.

• Identify appropriate locations for the park, considering factors such as access to water sources, parking capacity, and local regulations.

• Investigate the costs associated with constructing a waterpark (determining pool size, purchasing slides and attractions).

• Apply for any necessary permits and licenses.

• Choose the right equipment (filters, pumps, etc.) that are tailored to your specific waterpark needs.

• Plan for proper maintenance of the park (cleaning filters, maintaining pool chemicals).

• Develop a pricing structure that meets customer demands while also meeting your financial goals.

• Create a website to provide visitors with information and help spread the word about your park.

• Consider ways to offer unique experiences such as birthday packages, special events or seasonal attractions.

• Ensure that you have appropriate insurance coverage for your park and its staff.

• Develop an emergency response plan in case of accidents or inclement weather.

• Create a customer service program to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable and safe experience while at the park.

• Develop a strategy for managing crowds, queue lines, and park security.

• Consider creating an app or online platform that can be used by customers to purchase tickets or receive discounts on admission to the waterpark.

• Develop a plan for tracking and analyzing customer feedback to help improve your park.

• Establish relationships with local businesses or vendors that can provide food and other services at the park.

• Create an advertising campaign to promote the waterpark, build brand recognition, and attract guests.

• Keep up-to-date with industry trends and changes to ensure you are offering the best experience possible.

• Celebrate your grand opening and welcome your first visitors!

• Continuous review and improvement of the park to ensure it continues to provide a safe, memorable experience for your customers.