The Pros And Cons Of Starting An Holiday Store Business


1. You can be your own boss – running a holiday store business gives you the potential to become your own boss and make decisions about your future. This can lead to greater flexibility and autonomy in the way you work.

2. Low barrier to entry – with only a few thousand dollars in start-up costs, it is relatively easy to get started as an entrepreneur selling holiday items.

3. Access to a diverse customer base– by setting up shop either online or at local craft markets, you can access customers from all parts of the country and world.

4. Low overhead costs – a holiday store business does not require much in the way of overhead costs, making it easier for the entrepreneur to maintain a low budget.


1. Seasonality – With its limited seasonal nature, profits may be unpredictable and sales can vary dramatically from year to year.

2. Low profit margins– due to the small size of your business, you may have to charge higher prices for goods in order to stay afloat.

3. Low demand– during off-seasons, customers are unlikely to be interested in purchasing holiday items and this can lead to decreased sales and profits.

4. Competitors – with so many businesses selling similar products, you may have difficulty standing out from the crowd. This can be especially challenging if you are selling online.