You Won’t Believe What These Fast Food Chains Are Serving Up Around The World!

Whether you’re traveling to a new country or just looking for something different to eat, you’ll be surprised at some of the fast food options available around the world. International fast food chains are offering up some unique menu items that you definitely have to try! So if you’re feeling adventurous (or just really hungry), check out this list of amazing fast food dishes from around the globe. You won’t believe what’s on it!

KFC’s “double down” sandwich, which features two pieces of fried chicken in lieu of bread, is available in several countries

The sandwich was first introduced in the United States in 2010, and it has since been released in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The double down sandwich has been described as “a heart attack on a bun”, due to its high calorie and fat content. However, some people have praised the sandwich for its taste. KFC has also released several variations of the double down sandwich, including a grilled version and a spicy version.

In the Philippines, McDonald’s offers spaghetti and rice dishes on its menu

One of the reasons why McDonald’s offers spaghetti and rice dishes on its menu in the Philippines is because there is a high demand for these food items in the country. Filipinos generally love to eat rice and spaghetti, so it makes sense for McDonald’s to offer these dishes to cater to this preference. Additionally, offering rice and spaghetti dishes on the menu helps to differentiate McDonald’s from other fast food restaurants in the Philippines that may not offer these same items. By offering a wider variety of food items, McDonald’s is able to appeal to a larger customer base and ultimately boost its sales.

Burger King has a “black bun burger” in Japan that features a black pepper-flavored bun

The “black bun burger” from Burger King Japan is a creative way to add some excitement to the fast food chain’s menu. The black pepper-flavored bun is a unique twist on the classic burger, and it’s sure to be a hit with customers who are looking for something different.

So why did Burger King decide to add a “black bun burger” to its menu in Japan? The answer is simple: the company wanted to offer something new and different to its customers. Burger King knows that when it comes to fast food, customers often crave variety. By offering a unique burger like the “black bun burger,” the company can keep customers coming back for more.

Taco Bell offers a “Taco Supreme” in China that includes fried rice, vegetables, and spicy sauce

When it comes to Mexican food, Taco Bell is one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States. However, in China, the company offers a different take on this cuisine. The “Taco Supreme” includes fried rice, vegetables, and spicy sauce. This dish was created specifically for the Chinese market and has become a hit with customers.

The reason behind this unique menu item is that Chinese consumers typically do not like tacos. In order to appeal to this market, Taco Bell decided to create a dish that would be more familiar and appealing to them. The “Taco Supreme” is the result of this effort.

So far, the gamble has paid off. The “Taco Supreme” is one of the most popular items on Taco Bell’s menu in China. It has also helped to increase the company’s overall sales in the country.

Arby’s sells “meat pies” in New Zealand that are similar to savory pies or pasties

Arby’s is an international fast-food restaurant chain with locations all over the world, including New Zealand. One of the menu items that Arby’s sells in New Zealand are “meat pies.” These meat pies are similar to savory pies or pasties, and they are a popular menu item among Arby’s customers in New Zealand. Arby’s sells these meat pies in various flavors, such as beef and lamb, and they are a popular item on the Arby’s menu.

Kentucky Fried Chicken sells a “rice box meal” in India that includes chicken, rice, vegetables, and a choice of sauce

India is a populous country with a large number of vegetarians. In order to appeal to this sizable portion of the population, KFC needed to come up with a vegetarian option that still gave customers the feeling that they were getting a hearty, filling meal. The rice box meal does just that. It’s a complete meal that is both filling and satisfying, and it gives vegetarians the option of enjoying KFC without having to eat chicken.

KFC is also aware of the fact that many Indians are not accustomed to eating spicy food. As a result, they offer a variety of sauces with their rice box meals, so that customers can choose the level of spiciness that they’re comfortable with. This customization is another reason why the rice box meal is so popular in India.

In short, the rice box meal is popular in India because it is a complete, filling meal that caters to the dietary needs of the country’s large population of vegetarians. It is also customizable, so customers can choose the level of spiciness that they’re comfortable with. These factors all contribute to making the rice box meal one of KFC’s most popular menu items in India.

In the United Kingdom, McDonald’s sells “McFlurry” desserts that are similar to soft-serve ice cream but with candy or cookie pieces mixed in

The McFlurry was introduced by McDonald’s in 1997. The dessert consists of soft-serve ice cream mixed with candy or cookie pieces. The first flavor of McFlurry available in the UK was Oreo.

McDonald’s sells a variety of flavors of McFlurry in the UK, including cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel. The McFlurry has been a popular dessert choice in the UK, with many people enjoying its sweet taste and creamy texture.

The McFlurry is a convenient dessert option for those on the go. It can be enjoyed as a quick snack or as a dessert after a meal. The McFlurry is also a good choice for those looking for a lower-calorie dessert option.

Wendy’s sells “Frosty” milkshakes in Brazil that are similar to American-style milkshakes but with a Brazilian twist

The Frosty milkshake was introduced in Brazil in 2006 and quickly became a hit with customers. The Frosty is made with Brazilian milk, chocolate, and cookies, and is served in a special cup with a spoon. The Frosty has become so popular that it is now available in over 1,000 Wendy’s restaurants across Brazil.

The Frosty milkshake is a delicious and refreshing treat that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a satisfying dessert, the Frosty is sure to hit the spot. Thanks to its unique Brazilian twist, the Frosty is an irresistible treat that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pizza Hut offers a “Double Decker” pizza in the United Kingdom that features two layers of crust and toppings

Pizza Hut created the Double Decker pizza in response to a growing trend in the United Kingdom for “double crust” pizzas. While most pizza companies in the UK only offered one layer of crust, Pizza Hut wanted to give its customers an extra option. The Double Decker pizza has two layers of crust and toppings, which makes it a heartier and more filling meal. The pizza is also a bit more expensive than a regular pizza, but customers seem to be willing to pay the extra cost for the extra crust and toppings.

The Double Decker pizza has been a popular menu item at Pizza Hut UK restaurants since it was introduced, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Dominos sells a “Garlic Bread Pizza” in Australia that is topped with garlic bread instead of traditional pizza crust

Australians love garlic bread! In fact, garlic bread is so popular Down Under that it’s often served as a side dish with pasta or other main dishes. So when Dominos decided to launch a pizza specifically for garlic bread lovers, they knew that topping it with garlic bread would be the way to go.

The Garlic Bread Pizza has been a hit with Aussie customers, and it’s easy to see why. The garlic bread crust is soft and fluffy, and it’s loaded with cheesy, garlicky goodness. Plus, the pizza is large enough to feed a family or a group of friends, making it the perfect option for sharing.


So, the next time you’re traveling or feeling adventurous, be sure to try out some of these unique fast food items. Just be prepared for a bit of a culture shock! Have you tried any of these international fast foods?