The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Tattoo Parlor

Starting a tattoo parlor is not without its pros and cons. Before deciding to open your business, consider these advantages and drawbacks of owning a tattoo shop.


• Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as more people opt for body art for aesthetic or spiritual reasons. This is creating a boom in the tattoo industry, making it easier for new businesses to enter the market and be successful.

• Tattoo parlors are relatively low-cost businesses to start with minimal equipment required such as an autoclave, needles and ink.

• The business can be expanded over time by adding more artists, offering additional services and hosting events.

• The business owners can choose the type of tattoos they want to offer as well as the price range, allowing them to target a specific demographic.


• Tattoo parlors require special permits and licensing in order to operate legally.

• The business can be subject to local regulations and inspections, resulting in additional overhead costs.

• Tattoo parlors typically operate on a cash-only basis which can limit growth potential and cause difficulties with receiving loans or grants.

• The industry is highly competitive so it’s important to differentiate oneself by unique services or promotions to stand out from the competition.

• The business can be subject to negative publicity if proper safety protocols are not followed, resulting in damage to its reputation.