The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Ghostwriting Business


1. Flexible schedule – A ghostwriting business allows for you to be able to work on your own schedule and take on as little or as much workload as you choose.

2. Creative expression – Many people find satisfaction in being able to write for a living and have their work published.

3. Low overhead – Compared to starting another type of business, setting up a ghostwriting business requires minimal investment.

4. Solid income – Many businesses that require you to be physically present can’t offer the same level of income as ghostwriting does due to its scalability.


1. Difficult to find clients – Ghostwriting is a competitive field and it can be difficult for newcomers to establish themselves in the market with little prior experience or portfolio.

2. Potentially high stress levels – Meeting tight deadlines and having to please demanding clients can put a lot of pressure on the ghostwriter.

3. Low pay – Depending on the type of writing job and client, ghostwriters can often be paid much less than their peers in other industries.

4. Lack of recognition – Ghostwriters don’t get to enjoy the same level of fame and recognition that authors do since they are usually not credited for the work they produce.