Pros And Cons Of Starting A Ghost Tour Business


-It can be an exciting way to introduce visitors to the culture, history, and legends of a city.

-Can be a great fun activity for people to do during their stay in the city.

-There is low overhead cost as it does not require a lot of equipment or staff.

-Can be incredibly profitable as the demand for ghost tours is high due to their popularity and people’s fascination with the paranormal.

-Can be run on a part time basis, allowing you to work at your own pace and hours.


-Can be expensive to set up, as there are costs associated with hiring guides, getting insurance, and buying equipment.

-The market can be saturated in certain cities or towns where ghost tours already exist.

-It can take a while to build a loyal customer base and gain recognition in the community.

-There is the risk of dealing with paranormal activity, which may be frightening for some people.

-Can require a lot of research and knowledge in order to make the tour interesting and informative.

-It can be difficult to market a ghost tour business as it is seen by some as a gimmick or novelty.