The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Diesel Performance Shop


-High profit margins as diesel performance parts tend to be expensive

-Potential for long-term customer relationships as customers invest time and money into their vehicles

-Opportunity to work with cutting edge technology and build custom projects

-Potential for expanding into different areas of the diesel performance industry


-High initial capital costs for acquiring the necessary equipment and parts to start a shop

-Competition from other shops in the area as well as online retailers

-Potentially risky investments if customers don’t follow up on their purchases

-Potential liability from customer accidents or improper modifications to vehicles

-Finding and retaining qualified employees with expertise in diesel performance can be difficult.

The complexity of the work may require technical certifications, which can be expensive and time consuming to acquire.

-Diesel performance parts have a limited lifespan due to their high performance nature and can be difficult to source or replace if necessary.