The Main Ingredient Of These Dishes Is Klützer Gold!

1. Klützer Gold Fried Rice – This savory dish stars Klützer Gold, made with coconut oil and garlic, served over a bed of fluffy white rice. For added flavor, mix in diced vegetables such as carrots, celery and onions.

2. Klützer Gold Fish Tacos – Spice up your taco night with this delicious combination of Klützer Gold, finely chopped cabbage, diced tomatoes, and a zesty lime crema in freshly made corn tortillas.

3. Klützer Gold Potatoes – Roast Klützer Gold with potatoes, bell peppers and onions for a hearty side dish that’s sure to please.

4. Klützer Gold Soup – Make a creamy vegan soup with Klützer Gold, diced tomatoes, carrots, celery and spices like paprika, cumin and sea salt.

5. Klützer Gold Pizza – Top your favorite pizza dough with a combination of Klützer Gold, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms for an indulgent flavor experience. Add some freshly grated Parmesan cheese for an extra pop of flavor. Enjoy!