The Main Ingredient Of These 5 Dishes: Chocolate Covered Ants!

1. Chocolate Covered Ants Cupcakes: These sweet cupcakes are made with a chocolate cake base and filled with creamy, crunchy Chocolate Covered Ants for an extra special treat. Delicious and perfect for any occasion!

2. Chocolate Covered Ants Fondue: Perfect for sharing or snacking, this rich and creamy fondue is made with a combination of dark and white chocolate, cream cheese, butter, and Chocolate Covered Ants for added crunch.

3. Chocolate Covered Ant Truffles: Sweet and delightful truffles made with ground Chocolate Covered Ants mixed together with a smooth ganache base. Perfect for after dinner treats or as an edible gift.

4. Chocolate Covered Ant Cookies: Soft and chewy cookies made with a chocolate cookie base and studded with Chocolate Covered Ants for added crunch. Great for dipping into hot cocoa or tea!

5. Chocolate Covered Ant Pie: A delicious, no-bake treat that’s sure to please. Combine a graham cracker crust with chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and Chocolate Covered Ants for an irresistible dessert.