The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Shanklish

Shanklish is a cheese from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine that is made from either cow’s milk or sheep and goat’s milk. It has been popular in Middle Eastern cuisine for centuries and remains a favorite today. Here are five dishes where Shanklish is the star of the dish:

1. Shanklish Salad: This salad is simple and flavorful with a combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs. The star of this dish is the crumbled shanklish cheese, adding a creamy texture and salty flavor.

2. Fattoush: A popular Middle Eastern salad, Fattoush is made with the traditional ingredients of tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs. But it’s the addition of shanklish cheese that makes this dish unique. The cheese adds a creamy texture and works perfectly with the zesty lemon juice dressing.

3. Shawarma: A classic Middle Eastern wrap, shawarma is traditionally made with grilled lamb or chicken. But the addition of crumbled shanklish cheese gives this dish a more robust flavor profile. This wrap also contains lettuce and tomato and is often served with hummus.

4. Kibbeh: A popular appetizer in Middle Eastern cuisine, kibbeh consists of ground beef, bulgur wheat and spices. But it’s the addition of crumbled shanklish cheese that takes this dish over the top. The cheese adds creaminess to the texture and pairs perfectly with allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

5. Kafta: A popular grilled meat dish in Middle Eastern cuisine, kafta is traditionally made with ground lamb or beef and spices. But the addition of shanklish cheese adds a creamy texture, salty flavor and a subtle tang to the dish. Serve this dish with grilled vegetables on the side for a complete meal.