The Main Ingredient Of Delicious Dishes: Naboulsi Cheese

Naboulsi cheese is a delicious, crumbly and salty cheese originating from the Middle East. It’s a strong, briny cheese that makes for an excellent addition to any meal. Here are five must-try dishes featuring this unique flavor:

1. Spinach and Naboulsi Cheese Pie: This savory dish features a flaky, buttery crust filled with sautéed spinach, onions, garlic and plenty of Naboulsi cheese. It’s the perfect combination of cheesy goodness and vegetal flavor.

2. Stuffed Eggplant with Naboulsi Cheese: A take on the classic Middle Eastern dish, this version features slices of eggplant that are stuffed with a mixture of herbs and Naboulsi cheese. The eggplants bake in a tomato sauce until they’re tender and flavorful.

3. Couscous with Naboulsi Cheese: This hearty meal combines traditional couscous with the salty tang of Naboulsi cheese. The couscous is cooked with flavorful spices and topped with crumbled pieces of the cheese for a satisfying dish.

4. Naboulsi Cheese Fritters: These bite-sized treats are perfect for an appetizer or snack. The fritters are made from a mix of Naboulsi cheese and seasonings, deep-fried until they’re crispy on the outside and gooey in the center.

5. Baked Naboulsi Cheese: This simple dish is a great way to enjoy the distinctive flavor of the cheese. The cheese is cut into wedges, placed on a baking sheet and baked until it’s golden brown and bubbling. Serve it with some warmed pita bread for a delicious treat.