The Main Ingredient Of Delicious Dishes: Bleu L’Ermite (Québec)

Bleu L’Ermite, an artisanal cheese from Quebec, is the star ingredient in a variety of delicious dishes. Here are five ideas to get you started with this unique cheese!

1. Bleu L’Ermite Tart: A flaky pastry crust is filled with a creamy mixture of Bleu L’Ermite cheese, shallots, garlic, and herbs. This tart makes for a perfect appetizer or light meal.

2. Bleu L’Ermite Crostini: Crispy crostini topped with slices of Bleu L’Ermite, caramelized onions, and fresh rosemary is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy this cheese.

3. Macaroni and Bleu L’Ermite: Tender macaroni pasta combined with creamy Bleu L’Ermite cheese sauce makes for the perfect comfort food.

4. Grilled Bleu L’Ermite Sandwich: Thick slices of rustic bread filled with grilled Bleu L’Ermite, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil are a tasty addition to any lunch or dinner.

5. Bleu L’Ermite Fondue: A crowd pleasing classic – cubes of Bleu L’Ermite are melted in a mixture of beer and herbs, then served with cubes of bread or vegetables for dipping.