Starting A Military Surplus Store: A Checklist

1. Research the market – Understand the demand and competition in your area for military surplus items. Talk to current business owners and potential customers to get an understanding of what is already available and what people are looking for.

2. Register your business – Register your business with the local government and obtain necessary licenses.

3. Set up a physical location – Find an appropriate space to set up your store, whether it’s a retail storefront or warehouse.

4. Secure financing – Apply for loans or grants to cover the cost of rental space, inventory, and other startup costs.

5. Purchase inventory – Research and purchase the appropriate military surplus items to sell in your store. Compare prices from multiple suppliers to find the best deals.

6. Market your business – Create a website, social media pages, and other marketing materials to attract customers and generate interest in your store.

7. Set up accounting systems – Establish a bookkeeping system for tracking revenue and expenses.

8. Hire employees – Recruit and train employees to help run your store.

9. Open for business – Launch your store, manage the day-to-day operations, and continually monitor the performance of your business.

10. Maintain customer relationships – Stay in touch with customers, address their feedback and complaints, and ensure they have a positive experience when shopping at your store.