Starting A Challenge Course Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Research the Area: Determine the size of the course, check zoning laws and local regulations, and choose a site that meets all requirements.

2. Obtain Permits: Contact local authorities for any required permits or licenses to operate.

3. Develop a Plan: Create a plan for the course design, including elements and obstacles to be included.

4. Select Equipment: Choose high-quality safety equipment that meets all industry standards.

5. Inspect the Course Regularly: Check all components of the course on a regular basis to ensure safety.

6. Train Staff: Train staff members on how to properly operate the course and provide emergency assistance if needed.

7. Monitor Participants: Observe participants while they are using the course and provide instruction or guidance as needed.

8. Implement Safety Protocols: Establish safety protocols that must be followed at all times when operating the course.

9. Promote Your Course: Advertise your course, spreading the word and getting people excited about taking on the challenge.

10. Have Fun! Enjoy watching participants as they overcome obstacles and grow in confidence.