Checklist For Starting A Charter School: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Make sure charter school laws are in place in your state.

2. Understand the purpose of your charter school and define its mission statement.

3. Research funding options for your charter school, such as grants or private donations.

4. Look into your local/state laws that dictate how to create a charter school.

5. Put together an organizing team and figure out who will be involved in the design and operation of your school.

6. Begin designing the curriculum for your charter school, focusing on areas you are knowledgeable about or have particular expertise in.

7. Become familiar with the standards for assessing student performance and how to use them in alignment with your curriculum.

8. Prepare a budget for the operation of your charter school, including staffing costs and materials needed for instruction.

9. Develop a plan for teacher recruitment and hiring that is based on the school’s mission and curriculum.

10. Research local zoning laws and other regulations that may affect the location of your charter school.

11. Draft a plan for student recruitment, including strategies for reaching out to potential students in both traditional and non-traditional ways.

12. Create an administrative structure for your charter school, including job responsibilities and decision-making processes.

13. Develop a plan for monitoring and evaluating student performance, staff effectiveness, and school operations to ensure the success of your charter school.

14. Consider joining a national association that supports charter schools in order to gain access to resources and network with other member schools.

15. File an application for authorization to open a charter school, following the process and requirements of your local/state laws.

16. Obtain approval from the governing body that oversees charter schools in your state or region.

17. Finalize the details of your charter school’s operation and begin preparations for its opening.

18. Make sure all staff members are properly trained and ready to implement the curriculum.

19. Promote your charter school and get students enrolled before the start of the school year.

20. Launch your charter school, providing a quality learning experience for all students.