Start A Cat Cafe: A Checklist To Ensure Success

1. Decide on the type of cat cafe you want to open: Is it a traditional cafe with cats, an animal shelter/rescue center with adoptable cats, or something else?

2. Research local business regulations and zoning laws: Make sure you understand the local requirements before starting your cat cafe.

3. Develop a comprehensive business plan: This should include an overview of the concept and goals, marketing strategy, financial projections & budget, staffing plan and more.

4. Secure funding: You may need to secure loans or find investors in order to open your cat cafe.

5. Find the right location: Look for a spot that is conveniently located, has enough space to accommodate your cats and customers, and meets all of your business requirements.

6. Create a safe & comfortable environment for the cats: Ensure you have designated areas with adequate ventilation and light, as well as secure barriers to keep cats from escaping.

7. Choose the right cats: Decide what type of cats you want in your cafe and choose ones that are friendly and socialized, as well as age appropriate for their living environment.

8. Develop a customer-friendly rulebook: Ensure all customers understand the rules (e.g. no feeding the cats, no picking them up, etc.) before entering your cafe.

9. Promote your cat cafe: Use a combination of digital and traditional marketing to get the word out about your new business venture!

10. Celebrate & enjoy!: Opening a cat cafe can be an overwhelming endeavor, so don’t forget to savor the moment when you finally open your doors!