Sour Cabbage: The Main Ingredient Of The Dish

1. Sour Cabbage Soup with Sausages – This hearty soup is made with shredded sour cabbage, sausages, potatoes and carrots. Simmer all of these ingredients in a flavorful broth until everything is cooked through and tender. Serve hot with a dollop of sour cream for extra flavor.

2. Sour Cabbage and Salmon Salad – This crunchy salad combines shredded sour cabbage, flaked salmon, cherry tomatoes and slivered almonds. For a tangy dressing, mix together lime juice, olive oil, garlic and fresh dill.

3. Sour Cabbage and Rice Casserole – A flavorful casserole made with cooked white rice, shredded sour cabbage and fried onions. Toss in some cubes of smoked bacon for a smoky flavor. Bake in the oven until hot and bubbly.

4. Sour Cabbage Pierogies – Create your own homemade pierogies with this recipe! Shredded sour cabbage is combined with mashed potatoes, chives and freshly grated cheese. Wrap the filling in a dough made from flour, butter and salt. Boil in water until the pierogies are golden brown.

5. Sour Cabbage Stir Fry – A quick and easy stir fry that comes together quickly! Start off by stir frying cubes of pork or chicken in a hot pan. Add shredded sour cabbage, onions, garlic and ginger. Finish with a splash of soy sauce and serve over steamed rice.