Pros And Cons Of Starting A Survey Business


1. Low startup costs: Most survey businesses require little to no capital to get started, making it a great option for entrepreneurs with limited resources.

2. Flexible schedule: You can create your own hours and work from home or on the go.

3. Low overhead: Survey businesses do not require a physical office, giving you much more freedom to set your own schedule and budget.

4. Variety of survey types: You can offer different types of surveys such as online, in-person, telephone or mail-in.

5. Opportunity to specialize: You can focus on one particular area or segment of the survey industry to become an expert.


1. Low pay for certain types of surveys: Some surveys do not pay well, which can make it difficult to make a living on them alone.

2. Difficulty finding clients: It may be hard to find enough companies that are willing to pay for your services.

3. Time consuming: Surveys can take a long time to complete, which can be a challenge if you have other commitments or responsibilities.

4. Unpredictable results: Survey results may not always be accurate, leaving you with incomplete data and unreliable conclusions.

5. High competition: There are many survey companies out there, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.