Pros And Cons Of Starting A Mobile DJ Business

Starting a mobile DJ business can be an exciting and lucrative venture, but it also has its drawbacks. Before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, consider these pros and cons of starting a mobile DJ business:


• Ability to work independently – As your own boss, you have the independence to create your own schedule and choose the types of events you want to work.

• Potential for high income – Well established DJs can earn between $50-$100 or more an hour.

• Flexibility – You can adjust your availability to accommodate other activities, such as classes or a part-time job.

• Fun work environment – Mobile DJs get to play music and be the life of the party.


• High cost of equipment – Quality DJ equipment can be expensive, and you’ll need backup gear in case something breaks or malfunctions.

• Requires a lot of networking – You’ll need to build a network of clients and contacts in order to have a steady stream of gigs.

• Limited job security – As an independent contractor, you won’t have the same job security as a salaried employee.

• Unpredictable hours – You may find yourself working late nights or early mornings with no set schedule.

• Requires a lot of physical energy – Being a DJ involves ha and setting up heavy equipment, as well as entertaining guests.

Lack of benefits – As an contractor, you won’t receive any health insurance or other work-related benefits.

• Competition from other DJs – You may have to compete with other DJs for gigs, depending on the market.

• Liability risks – If someone gets injured at your gig or if any of your equipment malfunctions and causes damage, you could be held liable for damages.

• Stressful work environment – You’ll need to stay organized and manage multiple tasks at once in order to successfully pull off a gig.