Pros And Cons Of Starting A Mobile Coffee Cart


1. Low startup costs – A mobile coffee cart is much less expensive to start than opening a cafe or coffee shop, as you don’t need to purchase or rent a space, buy any large pieces of equipment, or hire employees to run the business.

2. Quick to set up – You can be up and running in no time, as all you need is a cart, coffee equipment and supplies, and the proper licenses to begin your business.

3. Opportunity for creativity – With a mobile coffee cart you have complete control over your menu offerings, decorations, branding and more. This gives you the freedom to be creative and offer something unique for your customers.

4. Flexible hours – Since you are not locked into a lease or physical location, you can choose when and where to operate your coffee cart giving you flexible hours and locations.


1. Limited product selection – With a coffee cart there’s limited space and storage so you can only serve a few coffee drinks, sandwiches, and snacks.

2. Weather-dependent – If it rains or is too hot or cold outside that may limit when and where you can operate your business.

3. Regulations vary by location – Depending on the city or state you are in there may be different regulations and licensing requirements for coffee carts, which can be time-consuming to research.

4. Mobility issues – Moving a coffee cart around can be difficult depending on the size, weight, and terrain of the area you are in. This could limit your ability to travel to certain locations or require more manpower or equipment to get your cart to the desired spot.

5. Limited advertising – Since you don’t have a permanent location, it can be difficult to advertise and let people know when and where you will be. You will need to come up with creative ways to reach your customers.