Pros And Cons Of Starting A Greeting Card Business

Starting a greeting card business can be a rewarding venture, but there are also potential pitfalls to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you:


– Low overhead costs – With the majority of work done from home, there are very few start-up costs to worry about.

– A great way to express your creativity – With greeting cards you have a chance to express yourself and show off your artistic skills.

– Easy customer base – Greeting cards can be used for any occasion and are always in demand.


– High competition – There are many established card companies that have been around for years and will be difficult to compete against.

– Limited profit margins – Because of the low overhead costs associated with running a greeting card business, the profit margins can be quite slim.

– Seasonal sales – Sales tend to fluctuate with the seasons, so you may have to adjust your marketing and inventory accordingly.