Pros And Cons Of Starting A Greenhouse Business


1. Low start-up cost – Starting a greenhouse business can be relatively inexpensive depending on the size, complexity, location and type of products to be produced.

2. Varied customer base – A well located greenhouse business has potential customers ranging from local landscapers, garden centers and home owners to larger produce wholesalers.

3. Flexibility – The market for greenhouse products is large enough to accommodate many different types of businesses from retail operations to production-oriented wholesale suppliers.

4. Growth potential – A successful greenhouse business can easily expand by adding another green house or increasing the size of existing ones.


1. Limited space – Greenhouses need to be strategically placed in order to get the maximum amount of sunlight for plants. This could limit the size and scope of the business as it can’t expand its physical footprint further than what is available.

2. Climate concerns – The climate needs to be monitored and controlled to ensure optimal growing conditions for plants. This can be a challenge if the weather is unpredictable or extreme temperatures are present for an extended period of time.

3. Structural requirements – The setup of greenhouses must adhere to certain guidelines such as strength, size, ventilation, etc. in order to properly nurture the plants within them. This could be an additional cost depending on the type of design chosen.

4. Competition – The greenhouse industry can be competitive due to the increasing number of greenhouses popping up around the country as well as larger, established businesses already in the market. This could present a challenge for a new business trying to break into the industry.