Pros And Cons Of Starting A Glass Bottom Boat Tour Business


1. Low startup costs – It’s relatively inexpensive to purchase a glass bottom boat and/or rent one for an extended period of time. Also, you can launch your business without any additional employees or overhead expenses.

2. High demand – Tourists are always interested in unique experiences, and a glass bottom boat tour is a great way to show them the beauty of their destination from an entirely new perspective.

3. Increased visibility – By offering a glass bottom boat tour, you can get your business name out there and boost its visibility within the local community.


1. Weather-dependent – Some areas experience heavy rainfall and windy conditions, which can make it difficult to safely operate a glass bottom boat. You’ll need to take special precautions to ensure the safety of your customers in such situations.

2. Seasonal business – Tourist attractions are often better suited for summer months, when people are more likely to take vacations. To keep up with the demand, you may have to open up your business outside of the traditional tourist season.

3. High liability insurance – Since you’ll be responsible for the safety of your customers while they’re on board, you’ll need to have a high liability insurance policy in place. This can add to your overhead costs, which can take away from your profits.