Pros And Cons Of Starting A Driving School


1. High Demand: The demand for driving schools is consistently high, as new drivers are always entering the market. This means there is opportunity to make a steady income from providing services.

2. Low Investment: Starting a driving school requires minimal startup capital and overhead costs. This allows aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business with a small budget and grow it over time.

3. Flexible Hours: Owning a driving school provides the flexibility of setting your own hours and working when it is convenient for you.

4. Career Potential: The demand for qualified driving instructors makes owning a driving school an attractive career choice for those looking for a steady job with good pay.


1. Expensive Licensing Requirements: Depending on the state, owning a driving school may require expensive licensing fees and regulations to be met. This can add up quickly and make it difficult to get started.

2. Risky Business: Driving can be a risky business, as instructors are responsible for the safety of their students. In some cases, accidents may occur that could result in costly legal fees or other expenses.

3. Limited Growth Potential: Although there will always be new drivers entering the market, owning a driving school does have limited growth potential as the number of people who need driving instruction is usually finite.

4. Reputation: As a driving school owner, it is important to maintain a good reputation in order to attract new customers. Any negative publicity or customer complaints can quickly hurt your business.