Pros And Cons Of Starting A Carership


1. High profit potential. Car dealerships have a high potential for profits, especially for those that offer luxury vehicles or specialize in certain types of cars.

2. Flexibility in product selection. A car dealership has the ability to choose from a variety of makes and models to offer customers, allowing them to cater to any type of customer.

3. Network of suppliers. Car dealerships have access to a wide network of automotive manufacturers and suppliers that they can use to get cars at cheaper prices than the general public.

4. Accessibility of parts and service. Car dealerships are able to offer customers access to parts and repairs from a variety of manufacturers, allowing them to quickly get the car repaired or serviced.


1. High upfront costs. Starting a car dealership requires significant upfront capital in order to purchase and maintain vehicles, pay employees, and market the business.

2. Difficulty selling cars. Car dealerships have to be able to sell cars in order to make a profit, which can be difficult due to competition and customer demands.

3. Regulatory requirements. Every state has different licensing requirements for car dealerships, making it important to understand the regulations before starting a business.

4. Liability issues. As with any business, car dealerships are liable for any issues that arise with their vehicles and must be prepared to handle customer complaints.