Pros And Cons Of Starting A Call Center


1. Cost Effective: Operating a call center is less expensive than running a traditional customer service department, as you don’t need to pay for overhead office space or equipment. Additionally, many companies outsource their call centers so they can take advantage of lower labor costs overseas.

2. High Level of Expertise: Call centers are staffed by highly trained professionals who understand how to handle customer inquiries and complaints, making them experts at delivering high-quality customer service support.

3. Improved Efficiency: By using automated systems, call center employees can complete a high volume of calls in less time than it would take to manually handle each call. Additionally, customer data can be collected and stored in the system for easy access and analysis.

4. Increased Customer Reach: With a call center, companies can easily extend their customer service reach to areas that may be difficult or expensive to physically staff, such as international locations.


1. Lack of Personal Connection: Due to the automated nature of call centers, customers may feel disconnected from the business and as though their concerns are not being heard or addressed.

2. Language Barriers: Depending on where a call center is located, language barriers may make it difficult for employees to understand customer inquiries and provide effective customer service.

3. Technology Issues: If a call center relies too heavily on automated systems, it can be difficult to troubleshoot technical issues or provide customers with personalised help.

4. Long Hold Times: Callers may experience long wait times when calling into a call center due to high levels of incoming calls or staffing shortages. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration.