Checklist For Starting An Indoor Trampoline Park

1. Decide on a business structure and register the business with the appropriate government agencies.

2. Research zoning regulations and obtain the necessary permits to open and operate an indoor trampoline park in your location.

3. Find a suitable physical space that meets the requirements to open and operate an indoor trampoline park.

4. Hire an architect or designer to create a floor plan for the trampoline park that meets safety standards and regulations.

5. Purchase necessary equipment and materials for setting up the interior of the facility, including trampolines, padding, lighting fixtures, sound systems, etc.

6. Hire staff to manage and run your trampoline park.

7. Advertise the park in local papers, radio stations, and other media outlets.

8. Set up a website and social media accounts for the park where customers can book tickets or make inquiries about services.

9. Ensure that all safety procedures and regulations are in place to protect customers from harm.

10. Obtain insurance for the park and its employees.

11. Regularly check and inspect equipment for damage or wear-and-tear.