Checklist For Starting An Escape Room Business: A Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Launching Your Adventure

1. Determine the type of escape room you want to open – Decide on a theme, space requirements, equipment needs and other factors.

2. Research potential locations – Look into zoning regulations and safety codes that may affect the type of business you are trying to open.

3. Create a business plan – Include marketing strategies, projected costs and revenues and an outline of the escape room experience you are aiming to offer.

4. Acquire necessary permits and licenses – Find out which local, state or federal permits or licenses may be required for your type of business.

5. Secure funding – Look into different funding options, such as applying for a small business loan or seeking out investors who may be interested in your escape room business.

6. Develop an online presence – Create a website and social media accounts to promote your escape room.

7. Purchase equipment and supplies – Determine what types of props, puzzles and other materials you will need to create the desired escape room experience.

8. Hire staff – Recruit experienced game masters, technicians and other personnel to help run your business.

9. Market and advertise your business – Develop a comprehensive advertising campaign to spread the word about your escape room business.

10. Open for business – Make sure your escape room is ready to go, and start welcoming customers.