Checklist For Starting A Deli: 10 Essential Steps

1. Develop a Business Plan – Your business plan should outline your deli’s concept, mission statement, goals, and financing needed to get started.

2. Choose the Right Location – The right location will make or break any food-related business, so be sure to choose wisely.

3. Choose the Right Equipment – Invest in quality, commercial kitchen equipment that is right for the type of deli you plan to open.

4. Secure Financing – Consider all your options when it comes to financing your business including loans and investors.

5. Comply with Regulations – Ensure you understand and comply with all local, state and federal food regulations.

6. Set Up a Point of Sale System – For any deli business to be successful, tracking sales is critical. A good point of sale system can help to do this for you.

7. Stock Your Shelves – You’ll need to stock your shelves with your deli’s unique offering of cured meats, cheeses and other specialty food items.

8. Hire the Right Staff – Finding the right staff is key to running a successful deli business. Consider their attitude and customer service skills before making a hire.

9. Promote Your Deli – Spread the word about your deli by launching a website, blog and social media accounts.

10. Evaluate Performance – Analyze customer feedback and track sales performance on a regular basis to understand how well the business is performing.