Checklist For Starting An ATM Business

1. Secure a location to install the ATM – Ensure that you understand local zoning laws and regulations, as well as any restrictions on installing ATMs in certain locations.

2. Research your local market – Gather data about potential customers, competitors and their ATM locations.

3. Determine your fees – Set fees to make a profit while still providing customers with desirable pricing.

4. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses – This can vary by state, so contact your local municipality or county office for more information on permit requirements.

5. Choose an ATM vendor – Comparison shop to find the best vendor for your needs and budget.

6. Purchase or lease an ATM – Get an ATM that meets your business goals and requirements.

7. Source cash for your ATM – Decide if you want to source it yourself, or use a third-party service provider.

8. Install the ATM – Hire a professional to properly install the machine, or do it yourself if you are qualified.

9. Market your ATM – Use traditional marketing tactics and digital strategies to attract customers.

10. Monitor your ATM usage – Keep an eye on usage levels to ensure its continued success.

11. Maintain the ATM – Regularly inspect and maintain the machine to keep it in good working order.

12. Update your fees – As needed, adjust your fees to stay ahead of competitors and maximize profits.