Checklist For Starting An Assisted Living Facility

1. Develop a Business Plan – Create a comprehensive business plan that outlines the vision, mission, and goals of your assisted living facility.

2. Secure Financing – Apply for loans or other forms of financing to get enough funding to start and operate your assisted living facility.

3. Acquire a Facility – Find an existing building or purchase land to build your assisted living facility.

4. Hire a Staff – Recruit and hire nurses, caregivers, administrators, and other personnel needed to operate the facility.

5. Choose Technology – Select software and hardware for the facility that will enable residents, staff, and family members to communicate and access relevant information.

6. Secure Licensing – Research the necessary requirements in your state and apply for a license to operate an assisted living facility.

7. Market Your Facility – Develop promotional materials, website, and social media presence to help increase visibility of your business.

8. Establish Policies & Procedures – Establish policies and procedures that set standards for care, safety, and service provided by your facility.

9. Schedule Move-Ins – Let families of prospective residents know when move-in dates are available and coordinate with them to make sure all needs are met before they arrive.

10. Train Staff – Provide staff members with the training they need to effectively provide quality care and services to residents.